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OC-D-2101-0363 (local reference number)


2006-06-01T11:30:00 (was last modification date)
2006-05-15 (is related to)

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Image of Wen Wu’s First Step exhibition ‘13 Portraits of Lin Dai' at the Chinese Arts Centre, May 2006.

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photograph ➔ digital photograph


This record was originally held in ‘David - Breathe Folder\First_Step_Images_2010_12_18_1625.7z’ in a back-up of files managed by the Residency Coordinator (ACC/2021/1).

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The original file is very small which has affected the quality of the accessible surrogate.

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mediated ➔ digital


machine-readable carrier ➔ magnetic disk ➔ hard drive

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image ➔ jpeg (JPEG File Interchange Format 1.01)

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A watermarked accessible surrogate is available online for viewing purposes. An accessible surrogate is available in the CFCCA Library by appointment for private non-commercial research use.

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CFCCA Copyright

Conditions on Use

Wen Wu, (2006), '13 Portraits of Lin Dai', 2006 Feb 16-2006 May 15, Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester. Courtesy of the CFCCA Archive & Library (GB3451/OC/D/2101/363). Photography by the Chinese Arts Centre. This record is available for private non-commercial research only. Other requests for use must be presented to the copyright holders.

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jpeg (17 KB, 1 files)

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Related People and Organisations

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (1989-) (has creator)
Wen, Wu, b. 1978, artist (has or had intellectual property rights holder)
Lin Dai, Linda, actor, (1934-1964) (has or had subject)

Related places

Manchester (is related to)

Related Terms

CFCCA Copyright (has use status)
JPEG File Interchange Format 1.01 (has file format)
jpeg (has media type)
still images (has content type)
digital photograph (has documentary form type)
Originals (has record state)
hard drives (has carrier type )
digital (has representation type)
First Step (2004-2014) (results or resulted from)
Online (has access status)

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This document was processed 2021 as part of the 'Multicultural Heritage at the Crossroad: Organisational Resilience, Institutional Archive and Multicultural Voices' project with support from London Metropolitan University.

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