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Fong, Eric, (1960-), artist (had birth place)
Wu, Cathy, artist ()
Li, Dinu, artist ()
Cheung, Lisa, artist, b.1960 (had birth place)
Chan, Suki, (b.1977), artist (has subdivision)
Ku, Chris, (b.1957), artist ()
Grotto Fine Art Ltd (2001-) (has subdivision)
Ho, Ting Fay, artist ()
Lee, Moses, (1950–1995), artist ()
mapbook Publishers ()
Para Site (1996-) ()
Artist Commune, Hong Kong, (2001-) ()
Artopia Publishing Limited, (2003-) ()
Asia One Printing Limited, (1997-) ()
Spring Workshop, (2011-) ()
Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong, (2000-) (is located at)
Oi!, (2013-) (is located at)
Bei Dao, 1949-, poet ()
Bessmertny, Konstantin, 1964-, artist ()
Bigsoil, artist ()
Beishantang ()
Law, Bo, artist ()
Choi, Yuk-kuen Bouie, (b.1987), artist ()
But, Aser, (b.1949), artist ()
Chak, Wai-leung, (b.1942), artist (had birth place)
Chan, Chik, (1918-2004), artist (had birth place)
Chan, Chi Tak, poet (had birth place)
Chang, Tieh-Chih, writer (had birth place)
Chan, Kwong-yuen Dick, artist (had birth place)
Blindspot Gallery (2010-) (is associated with place)
BLOW, design company (is associated with place)
Chan, Howard, Curator (had birth place)
Ying E Chi (1997-) (is located at)
Chan, Wing Sang, artist (had birth place)
Chan, Yim-man, artist (had birth place)
Lo, Edwin, artist (had birth place)
Leung, Chi Wo, (b.1968), artist (had birth place)
Pau, Ellen, artist (had birth place)
Kwong, Josephine, artist (had birth place)
Galerie Martini (has location)
Hanart TZ Gallery (is located at)
John Batten Gallery, Hong Kong (is located at)
Karin Weber Gallery (is located at)
Madhouse Art Limited, (2008-) (is located at)
The Hong Kong Institute for the Promotion of Chinese Culture (HKIPCC), (1985-) (is located at)
Zee Stone Gallery, (1991-) (is located at)
Ooi botos Gallery (has location)
Tang Contemporary Art (is located at)
Gallerie Ora-Ora, (2006-) (is located at)
Chronus Art Centre, (2013-) (is located at)
Connecting Space, Hong Kong (is located at)

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