'China Live' tour, various artists, (2005 Oct 13 - 2005 Oct 28) ➔ China Live, Manchester, 2005 Oct 13

China Live, Manchester, 2005 Oct 13

Type: Performance





Programme ➔ External Programme
Project ➔ Live Arts programme, (2005-2007)


2005 Oct 13 (is beginning date)


Manchester leg of the China Live tour held at the Greenroom, Manchester.  Featured performances by Shu Yang, Yang Zhichao, Wang Chuyu, He Chengyao, and Zhu Ming. 

Shu Yang’s performance/talk Dialogue in Chinese Style was presented as a talk on historical and contemporary China, and led the audience through the China Live events and stimulated discussions about contemporary China with the aid of a giant Chinese communist party flag. 

In his performance Chinese Red, Yang Zhichao used drops of his own blood mixed with ink and mineral pigments to paint his reflections of daily life on Chinese silk. By combing elements of his own body with traditional Chinese materials, the paintings he produced created stories imbued with soul and spirit. 

Material Files of Sino-British Cooperation by Wang Chuyu, considered China UK trade relations from the time of colonization to globalization.  Combining footage of Chinese factories creating goods for the UK, images of Chinese artefacts in the British Museum, and cheap Chinese products bought in the UK, the performance reflected on two kinds of history in two kinds of countries. 

He Chengyao's Kiss invited members of the audience to select one of two ice lollies from her table: a sweet western style flavour or a sour Eastern style flavour. The audience member would place one end of the lolly into their mouth and the other end into the artist's mouth. Both parties would suck the lolly until they could suck no more. 

In his untitled performance, Zhu Ming carried out contemplative actions whilst in a transparent bubble. The bubble represented the characteristics of both substance and emptiness, and served as a metaphor for life and relationships. During the performance, the artist cover himself and the bubble in fluorescence powder, burning haunting images into the viewers consciousness. 


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