Breathe Residency: Stella Lai, (2005 Jul 08 - 2005 Oct 06) ➔ Open Studio: Stella Lai, 2005 Sep 22 - 2005 Oct 02

Open Studio: Stella Lai, 2005 Sep 22 - 2005 Oct 02

Type: Exhibition



open studio


Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)


2005 Sep 22 (is beginning date)
2005 Oct 02 (has end date)


Open Studio to present work developed by artist Stella Lai during her Breathe Residency at the Centre. 

During her residency at the Centre, she integrated herself within the local Chinese community in order to gain a greater cultural understanding of the community in the UK.  Her resulting work was informed by a combination of traditional Chinese culture and British influence she discovered in Manchester's China Town. The art works she produced contrasted images of Manchester with those of Hong Kong, using visual fragments of the cities histories.

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