Breathe Residency: Leung Po Shan (Anthony), 6 October - 6 November 2006 ➔ Performance: 'Hammering In Time', Leung Po-Shan, 2006 Oct 26

Performance: 'Hammering In Time', Leung Po-Shan, 2006 Oct 26

Type: Performance





Programme ➔ Artist Residencies ➔ Breathe Residency, (2003-2013)
Project ➔ Live Arts programme, (2005-2007)


2006 Oct 26 (is beginning date)


Breathe artist-in-residence artist, Leung Po Shan opened  her open studio with a durational performance, Hammering In Time

In contrast to her exploration of sexuality in theatre and socially engaging “artivist” projects in public spaces, the performance was an introversive journey in time. Illuminated by burning light source (the sun or candle), the artist  marked the ever-changing silhouette of the shadows using pins hammered into the residency studio wall. By marking the passage of time, the work suggested the impermanence of our physical world.
Visitors were invited to witness the durational performance and share the meditative moments. The performance started at 4pm and was due to last 6 hours. 

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