➔ 'Seeing: Out of Time', Suki Chan, (2000 Feb 7 - 2000 Apr 21)

'Seeing: Out of Time', Suki Chan, (2000 Feb 7 - 2000 Apr 21)

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Edge Street Programme (1997-2003)
Project ➔ New Commissions Scheme (2000-2002)


2000 Feb 7 (is beginning date)
2000 Apr 21 (has end date)


First installation of the Chinese Art Centre's 'New commissions' scheme. The artist used rice as a medium to record modification of light, for signalling and recording change and motion. The rice was also dyed black to rendered it inedible, a material without any other use but to exist. The artist cast shadows using various objects and 'recorded' the shape of shadows using the black rice. Each grain of rice was struck individually and took the artist 3 weeks to install. At the opening the exhibition the objects were removed just leaving the shape of their shadows in the rice.

The work was also installed at 'The Bull' theatre in London from 14 Mar -25 April 2000.

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