'Grazing', Lisa Cheung and Emil Goh, (2000 October 20 - 2000 December 15) ➔ Artist-in-Resident: Lisa Cheung, (2000 Sep 12 - 2000 Oct 20)

Artist-in-Resident: Lisa Cheung, (2000 Sep 12 - 2000 Oct 20)

Type: Artist Residency




Event Category

artist-in-residence Programme ➔ Edge Street Programme (1997-2003) Project ➔ New Commissions Scheme (2000-2002)


2000 Sep 12 (is beginning date)
2000 Oct 20 (has end date)


Residency based at the Chinese Art Centre leading to the 'Grazing' exhibition. During her residency, the artist worked with members of the local Chinese community while exploring the city and everyday life in Manchester.

The residency featured 3 projects Hearth: an interactive event held at the Centre on 7th October 2000; Site seeing: a project investigating personal space within the urban city; and City Sleeper: a video work made in reaction to the people and places Lisa found in the city and surrounding areas. 

Initially the residency was due to be a joint residency with Emil Goh, who found he could not travel while applying for Australian citizenship.

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