➔ The New Four, 1990 Oct 27 - 1991 Jan 13

The New Four, 1990 Oct 27 - 1991 Jan 13

Type: Exhibition





Programme ➔ Main Programme ➔ Charlotte Street Programme (1989-1996)


1990 October 27 (is beginning date)
1991 January 13 (has end date)


The Chinese Art Centre's first exhibition of Chinese contemporary art. The exhibition provided a platform for four less established Manchester based artists to display their work and stimulated the British public to take a fresh look at Chinese art. The exhibition was later shown at the Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham, and Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington.

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (1989-) (is or was host of)
Midlands Art Centre (MAC) (is or was host of)
Walton Hall Gardens, Warrington (is or was host of)
Chinese View Arts Association, 1987-2000 (is or was organiser of)

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Manchester ()
Birmingham (is or was location of)
Warrington (is or was location of)

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