S1.086 : The Monk and the Demon (Milan : 5 Continents Editions : 2004)

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The Monk and the Demon : Chinese contemporary art / Art Director: Faycal Zaouali; Editorial Coordinator: Laura Maggioni; Editing: Annie Van Assche; Translations: Renee Barbier, Marion Bertagna, Prune Cornet, Bernard Hoepffner, Karen Smith, Philip Tinari, John Tittensor, Jean Guy Yang; Photo credits: Blaise Adilon; The Long March Foundation. 

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Catalogue published for the exhibition 'The Monk and the Demon' at the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon from the 9 Jun - 15 Aug 2004. Co-production of the Musee d'Art Contemporain de Lyon, Guangdong Museum of Art, and Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation. 

The exhibition aimed to take the reality created by the newfound popularity of Chinese art and artists as its background, and show how artists have faced this new landscapes and these new problems before and after the changes in offical attitude. The exhbition's title 'The Monk and the Demon' comes from the Chinese proverb 'as virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten'. The demon in this instance refers to the artist's inner being; the concept of 'The Monk and the Demon' hints at the idea that amidst changes in the Chinese environment, the most important thing for the artist to transcend is himself or herself, not the outside world.

This project was realised in China in 2002 with the participation of over two hundred and fifty artists.

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Milan, Italy : 5 Continents Editions , 2004

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ISBN 2-906461-68-7


183 pages 136 photographs (26.7cm x 21.5cm x 2.3cm)

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text , still image : unmediated

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Yang, Zhenzhong, (b.1968), artist (is related to)
Zhuang Hui, (b.1963), artist (is related to)
5 Continents Editions, (2002-), publisher (has publisher)
Musée d'art contemporain de Lyon (MAC Lyon), (1984-) (has creator)
Guangdong Museum of Art, (1959-) (has creator)
Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation (has creator)
Sun, Yuan, artist (is related to)
Peng, Yu, artist (is related to)

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