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Our Magic Hour - How much of the world can we know? (Japan. 2001) (S1.002)

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Title and Statement of Responsiblity

Our Magic Hour - How much of the world can we know? / Supervised by: Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale
Edited by: KUMA Chinatsu, Abe Kenichi
Translated by: Christopher Stephens, Edan Corkill
Designed by: Mineishi Keiko
Mapdesigned by: Morikami Satoshi, NDC Graphics


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Edition Statement:

[1st edition]

Publication Statement

Yokohama, Japan : Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale , 2011


Scope and Content

The book is a guidebook for Yokohama Triennale 2011, an international festival of contemporary art.

Content Extent

69 pages ; 76 photographs

Content Type

text , still image

Language Information

Latin ()

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Conditions on Access

The physical publication is available for research purposes in the CFCCA search room by appointment. Items in our library collection are not available for external loans.


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Ishida, Tetsuya (1973-2005), artist ()
Iwasaki, Takahiro, artist ()
Jeon, Joonho, artist ()
Kashiki, Tomoko, artist ()
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Kudo, Tetsumi (1935-1990), artist ()
Maeda, Yukinori, artist ()
Magritte, René (1898-1967), artist ()
Man Ray (1890-1976), artist ()
Mori, Osamu, artist ()
N.S. Harsha, artist ()
Neuenschwander, Rivane, artist ()
Nicolai, Carsten (b.1965), artist (is associated with)
Noguchi, Isamu (1904-1988), artist (is associated with)
Ono, Yoko, artist (is associated with)
Oppenheim, Méret (1913-1985), artist (is associated with)
Prieto, Wilfredo, artist (is associated with)
Rehberger, Tobias, artist (is associated with)
Rodchenko, Aleksandr Mikhailovich, (1891-1956), artist (is associated with)
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Saga, Atsushi, artist ()
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Tanaka, Koki, artist (is associated with)
Tateishi, Tiger, (1941-1998), artist (is associated with)
Tomii, Motohiro, artist ()
Tsai Charwei, artist (has contributor)
Usukubo, Kaoru, artist (has contributor)
Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861), artist (has contributor)
Yagi, Lyota, artist (has contributor)
Yin, Xiuzhen, Artist (has contributor)
Banerjee, Rina, 1963-, artist ()
Cantor, Mircea (b.1977), artist ()
Coffin, Peter, artist ()
Dawson, Verne , Artist ()
Dewar & Gicquel ()
Hakansson, Henrik, artist ()
Hein, Jeppe, artist ()
Izumi, Taro, artist ()
Kempinas, Zilvinas, artist (is associated with)
Landau, Sigalit, artist (is associated with)
Marclay, Christian, artist (is associated with)
Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Jun, artist (is associated with)
Noguchi, Rika, artist (is associated with)
Norrie, Susan, artist (is associated with)
Ochiai, Tam, artist (is associated with)
Song, Dong, (b.1966), artist (is associated with)
Shigeo, Toya, artist (is associated with)
Weerasethakul, Apichatpong, artist (is associated with)
Yamashita, Mai, artist (is associated with)
Kobayashi, Naoto, artist (is associated with)
Shimabuku, artist (is associated with)
Pui-Ock, Sudsiri, artist (is associated with)
Organizing Committee for Yokohama Triennale (has publisher)
Borremans, Michaël, (b.1963), artist (has contributor)
Delvaux, Paul (1897-1994), artist (has or had subject)
Dahlem, Bjorn, artist (has or had subject)
Crocetti, Venanzo (1913-2003), artist (has or had subject)
Byars, James Lee (1932-1997), artist (has or had subject)
Brancusi, Constantin (1876-1957), artist (has or had subject)
Bartolini, Massimo, 1962-, artist (has or had subject)
Abe, Taisuke, (b.1974), artist (has or had subject)
Yokoo, Tadanori, artist (has or had subject)
Yumoto, Koichi, curator, researcher (has or had subject)

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text ()
still images ()
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