S3.218 : Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition 1989 (1989: Hong Kong)

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Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennale Exhibition 1989 = 當代香港藝術雙年展 / Hong Kong Museum of Art. Graphic and exhibition designed by Jennifer W.K. Ng. Photography by Kam-lan Chow and Kwok-choi Yeung. Published by the Urban Council.

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This book is produced in association with the 1989 Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennale featuring key artworks.

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Hong Kong : Urban Council , 1989

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160 pages (28.5cm x 21.3cm x 1.2cm )

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text , still image : unmediated

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The physical publication is available for research purposes in the CFCCA search room by appointment. Items in our library collection are not available for external loans.

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Urban Council, Hong Kong (has publisher)
Hong Kong Museum of Art, (1975-) (has creator)
Yu Miu-sin (has contributor)
Au Yeung Nai-chim (has contributor)
Chan Kwan-lap (has contributor)
Chan Sam (has contributor)
Chan Wai-mui (has contributor)
Cheng Ming (has contributor)
Choa Pang Wai-ching (has contributor)
Choi Hoi-ying (has contributor)
Chung Lap-kwan (has contributor)
Fung Wing-kee (has contributor)
Ho Choi-on (has contributor)
Hung, Hoi, artist (has contributor)
Kong Yu-lai (has contributor)
Kwok Hon-sum (has contributor)
Lee Chun-yi (has contributor)
Li-Tai-yam (has contributor)
Lui Fung-ngar (has contributor)
Ma Kwai-shun (has contributor)
Ng Kwun-lun (has contributor)
Ng Seng-cheong (has contributor)
Ou Da-wei (has contributor)
Poon Chun-wah (has contributor)
Shen Ping (has contributor)
Wong king-seng (has contributor)
Yau Chi-ming (has contributor)
Yek Ming-tim (has contributor)
Ying Po-chong (has contributor)
Yu Hok-cheung (has contributor)
Wong, Shun-kit, artist (has contributor)
Boey Chak-yin (has contributor)
Chan, Gaylord, artist (has contributor)
Chan Lai-yee (has contributor)
Chow Kwok-yan (has contributor)
Edgar Francisko (has contributor)
Ho, Siu-Kee, artist (has contributor)
Hui Yan-ki (has contributor)
Kwong Siu-ming (has contributor)
Lam Wing-hon (has contributor)
Lam Woon-long (has contributor)
Lau Yim-wan (has contributor)
Law Wai-hin (has contributor)
Leung Kwai-chun (has contributor)
Li Shuk-kwan (has contributor)
Li Wan-fai (has contributor)
Lo Mun-sum (has contributor)
Lo Sze-lim (has contributor)
Lui, Chun-Kwong, artist (has contributor)
Lui lik (has contributor)
Ma Cheung-sang (has contributor)
Man Chi-wah (has contributor)
Man, Fung-yi, artist (has contributor)
Mok Chi-sing (has contributor)
Ng Kim-ming (has contributor)
Ting Nai-wung (has contributor)
Joseph Tsui (has contributor)
Tsui Tin-yun (has contributor)
Wang, Hai, artist (has contributor)
Wong Yek-son (has contributor)
Yau Wing-kong (has contributor)
Wu Man-wai (has contributor)
Cheung Sam-ming (has contributor)
Ha Bik-cheun (has contributor)
Lai Yat-fong (has contributor)
Lau, Freeman, artist (has contributor)
Lau, Yau-Kuen, artist (has contributor)
Lee, Aries, artist (has contributor)
Li Ki-kwok (has contributor)
To Shui-ming (has contributor)
Chung, Tai-fu, artist (has contributor)
Fong Ka-cheun (has contributor)
Hon Bing-wah (has contributor)
Hung Oi-yee (has contributor)
Li Fung-nin (has contributor)
Ng, Belgian (has contributor)
Ng Ling-kuen (has contributor)
Chan Shue-hang (has contributor)
Chan Wah-yuk (has contributor)
Chik Kwok-wa (has contributor)
Chin Hoi-man (has contributor)
Foo Sai-heng (has contributor)
Fung Cham-wha (has contributor)
Heung Man-hung (has contributor)
Ip Hoi (has contributor)
Kong Siu-han (has contributor)
Lam Man-yan (has contributor)
Lam Tak-mou (has contributor)
Lee Kam-long (has contributor)
Leung Chau-pak (has contributor)
Li Chit-wan (has contributor)
Li Man-kim (has contributor)
Ma Yun-hein (has contributor)
Man Wai-leung (has contributor)
Ng Siu-chung (has contributor)
Ng Yam (has contributor)
Wong Kam-cheung (has contributor)
Yip Man-yam (has contributor)
Yung Ho-yin (has contributor)
Leung Cho-wai (has contributor)

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Hong Kong (is related to)

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text (has content type)
still images (has content type)
Chinese (has or had language)
English (has or had language)
Han (Traditional variant) (has script)
Latin (has script)
polychrome (has colour content)
photographs (has illustrative content)
unmediated (has representation type)
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exhibition catalogues (has form of work)
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