S3.214 : Shanghai Biennale 2004 Techniques of the Visible Guide (2004: Shanghai)

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Shanghai biennale 2004 Techniques of the Visible Guide = 2004 上海双年展影像生存 导览册 / Shanghai Fine Art Publishers. Edited by Fang Zengxian and Xu Jiang

Summarization of Content

The 2004 Shanghai Biennale with the theme aim to examine the relationship between media and human existence, between technology and culture. The exhibition brings together artists both home and abroad and this book has provided a summary each for the artists. It also included the map of the exhibits.

Edition Statement:

1st edition

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Shanghai, China : Shanghai Fine Art Publisher , 2004

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ISBN 7-80672-817-1


288 pages (14cm x 10cm x 1.5cm)

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text , still image : unmediated

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Shanghai Fine Art Publisher (has publisher)
Sherman, Cindy (has contributor)
Fusco, Coco, artist (has contributor)
Wu Ershan, artist (has contributor)
Wall, Jeff, artist (has contributor)
Tseng Kwong Chi (has contributor)
Diaz, Gonzalo, (b,1947-) (has contributor)
Viola, Bill, artist (has contributor)
Gu, Xiong, artist (has contributor)
Liu, Zheng, (b.1969), artist (has contributor)
Stan Douglas (has contributor)
Xiao, Yu, (b.1965), artist (has contributor)
Solano, Karla (has contributor)
Wang Bo (b.1971), artist (has contributor)
Chen, Chieh-jen, (b. 1960), artist (has contributor)
Lin, Shu Min, (b.1963), artist (has contributor)
Philipp Lachenmann (has contributor)
Pau, Ellen, artist (has contributor)
25000 Cultural Transmission Centre (has contributor)
Xu Zhen, (b.1977), artist (has contributor)
Ang, Tiong (b.1961), artist (has contributor)
Searle, Berni, 1964-, artist (has contributor)
Nguyen-Hatsushiba, Jun, artist (has contributor)
Rovner, Michal (has contributor)
Hu Jieming, (b.1957) artist (has contributor)
Lozano-Hemmer, Rafael (has contributor)
Sacco, Graciela (has contributor)
Vong Phaophanti (has contributor)
Zhou Tiehai, (b.1966) artist (has contributor)
Qiu, Zhijie, (b.1969), artist (has contributor)
Leung, Mee-Ping, artist (has contributor)
Chen Xiaoyun, (b. 1971), artist (has contributor)
Dias, Manricio (has contributor)
Walter Riedweg (has contributor)
Zhang, Hui (has contributor)
Yuri Leiderman (has contributor)
Zhang Peili, (b.1957), artist (has contributor)
Tsai Wen-yin (has contributor)
Tariq Alvi (has contributor)
Velez, Humberto (has contributor)
Su Xia (has contributor)
Feng, Qianyu (has contributor)
Branco, Miguel Rio (has contributor)
Ni, Haifeng (has contributor)
Qiu Shihua (has contributor)
Vivian Sundaram (has contributor)
Gomez, Maruch Santiz (has contributor)
Chen, Shun-chu (1963-2014), artist (has contributor)
Wang Youshen, artist (has contributor)
Touhami Ennadre (has contributor)
Geng Jianyi, (b.1962), artist (has contributor)
Shao Yinong & Muchen (has contributor)
Group Muro Sur (has contributor)
Li, Tianbing (has contributor)
Zhang, Xiaogang, (b.1958), artist (has contributor)
Marcaccio, Fabian (has contributor)
Yu Hong, artist (has contributor)
Ragimov, Kerim (has contributor)
Wang Ningde, (b.1972), artist (has contributor)
Qiu Ting (has contributor)
Yue, Minjun, (b.1962), artist (has contributor)
Sun Liang, artist (has contributor)
Chen, Haiyan, artist (has contributor)
Ventura, Julia (has contributor)
Tung-lu Hung (has contributor)
Nibroll (has contributor)
Wu Quan (has contributor)
Young Hay (has contributor)
Wang Qiang, (b.1963), artist (has contributor)
Ryoko Suzuki (has contributor)
Big Dipper Group (has contributor)
Tania Bruguera (has contributor)
Hung, Keung, artist (has contributor)
Park, June-Bum (has contributor)
Digital Art Group of Peking University (has contributor)
Fu Yu, artist (has contributor)
Jia, Haiqing (has contributor)
Piper, Keith, artist (has contributor)
Choi, Jong Bun (has contributor)
Oswaldo Macia (has contributor)
Feng, Mengbo, (b.1966), artist (has contributor)
Ono, Yoko, (b.1933), artist (has contributor)
Lu Chunsheng, artist (has contributor)
Trinh T.Minhha (has contributor)
Ladder to Heaven Video Group (has contributor)
Yang Fudong, (b.1971), artist (has contributor)
Robert Cahen (has contributor)
Sebastian Diaz Morales (has contributor)
Ezawa, Kota (has contributor)
Jiang, Yue (has contributor)
Norbu, Khyentse (b.1961), film maker (has contributor)
Gan, Chao (has contributor)
Liang, Zi (has contributor)
Tsui, Miranba Ngai (has contributor)
Li, Xiao (has contributor)
Li Yang, artist (has contributor)
Liu, Bingjian (has contributor)
Zhao Gang (has contributor)
Jia, Zhangke, artist (has contributor)
He, Jianjun (has contributor)
Wang Xiaoshuai (has contributor)
Zhou Hao (has contributor)
Wei Xing (has contributor)
Ji, Jianghong (has contributor)
Hong Kong Arts Centre, HKAC, (1977-) (has contributor)
Videotage (1986-) (has contributor)
Liu, Wei, (b.1972), artist (has contributor)
Shanghai Art Museum, (1956-2012) (is created by)

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