S4.005 : Lo, Huttson, 'A Sense of Place - The Chinese Arts Centre, 1986-2000

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A Sense of Place - The Chinese Arts Centre / Designed by Hutton Lo / Printed by Record Printing 

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The history of Chinese Arts Centre from 1986-2000.

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[1st edition]

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Manchester : Chinese Arts Centre , 1999


32 pages (21cm x 14.6cm x 0.2cm)

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text : unmediated

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Online On site

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The physical publication is available for research purposes in the CFCCA search room by appointment. Items in our library collection are not available for external loans.

Related Content

Related People and Organisations

Lo, Huttson (has creator)
Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (1989-) (has publisher)
Chinese View Arts Association, 1987-2000 (has or had subject)
Lai, Amy (has or had subject)
Cornerhouse, 1985-2015 (has or had subject)
Manchester Art Gallery, (1823-) (has or had subject)
Yip, David, actor (has or had subject)
Greenroom, (1986-2011) (has or had subject)
Tang, Mary, artist (has or had subject)
Chidsey, Jenny (has or had subject)
Tong, Joanna, arts director (has or had subject)
To, Edmond, artist (has or had subject)
Ge, Feng, artist (has or had subject)
Dance Continuuuum (has or had subject)
Champion, Sarah (has or had subject)
Tan, Cloudy (has or had subject)
Wei, Adam, artist (has or had subject)
Fu, Julie, artist (has or had subject)
Lee, Lip, artist (has or had subject)
Li, Dinu, (b.1965), artist (has or had subject)
lok, susan pui san, artist, researcher, writer (has or had subject)
Fok, Nora, (b.1953), artist (has or had subject)
An, Hong, artist (has or had subject)
Balone, Tone (has or had subject)
Yin, Xiuzhen, Artist (has or had subject)
Key, Anthony, (b. 1949), artist (has or had subject)
Chan, Harriet, artist (has or had subject)
Chen, Guangwu, artist (has or had subject)
Wong, Kit Meng (Kelvin), artist (has or had subject)

Related places

United Kingdom (is related to)
Manchester (is related to)

Related Events

Chinese View '86 Art Festival, 1986 Nov (has or had subject)
Chinese View '88, Feb 1988 (is related to)
Descendants of the Dragon, 1989 Oct 21 - 1990 Jan 14 (has or had subject)
Kites of the Far East, 1990 Jun 9 - 1990 Oct 14 (has or had subject)
Spring Festival, 1990 Jan 17 - 1990 Apr 8 (is related to)
The New Four, 1990 Oct 27 - 1991 Jan 13 (is related to)
Encounters, 1991 Oct 10-1991 Dec 1 (is related to)
Meditative Art, 1991 Dec 7 -1992 Jan 21 ()
Contemporary Batik Art, Feng Ge, 1992 Feb 24 - 1992 Apr 19 ()
Karaoke Competition, 1992 May 17 (has or had subject)
Beyond The Chinese Takeaway, various artists, 1992 May 29 - 1992 Sep 16 ()
Beyond The Chinese Takeaway, various artists, 1992 May 29 - 1992 Sep 16 ()
Chinese Arts Centre Relaunch, 1993 Oct 31 ()
Journeys West, various artists, 1994 Mar 11 - 1994 Apr 29 ()
Salford Quays Dragon Boat Race (1994 Jun 11) ()
First Manchester Chinese Film Festival (1994 Sep 16 - 1994 Oct 11) ()
Scenery in the Zero, Adam Wei, 1997 Mar 13 - 1997 Apr 26 (has or had subject)
Julie Fu, 1997 Apr 28- 1997 May 31 ()
Face of China, Lip Lee and Dinu Li, 1997 Jun 12 - 1997 Jul 27 (is related to)
Galaxies, Nora Fok, (1998 Feb 2 - 1998 Mar 28) (is related to)
The Desires of the Golden Lotus, An Hong, 1998 Apr 15 - 1998 Jun 05 (is related to)
'Going Back to China': The Funeral, Lip Lee, 1998 Jun 23- 1998 Aug 14 ()
'Roll with it' workshops, 1998 summer (is related to)
Alien Invasion: Fu Manchu vs White Devil, Tone Balone, ARC Gallery, 1998 Sep 02 - 1998 Oct 23 ()
Brain, Yin Xiuzhen, 1998 Oct 31 (is related to)
'RE:Orient: A New Vocabulary for Chinese Arts' conference, Place Theatre, 1998 Oct 3 ()
Representing the People, various artists, 1999 Jan 30 - 1999 Nov 7 (is related to)
Sauce, Anthony Key, 1999 Feb 22 - 1999 Mar 26 (is related to)
The Word Made Modern, Contemporary Calligraphy from China, Chen, Guangwu, 1999 Apr 19 -1999 Jun 11 (is related to)
Digital Disquiet, The Work of Wong Kit Meng, Wong Kit Meng, 1999 Jul 16 - 1999 Sep 17 (is related to)
Retrospectre / UN- (Part 6), susan pui san lok, 1997 Nov 10 - 1998 Jan 16 (is related to)

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documentation (has form of work)
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Illustrations (has illustrative content)
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