S2.172 : "Between Past and Future", New Photography and Video from China, Wu Hung and Christopher Phillips, USA, 2004

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Between Past and Future - New Photography and Video from China / Design: Froeter Design Company, Inc., Chicago
Editor and Publication Manager: Stephanie Smith
Copy Editors: Kari Dahlgren, Gregory Nosan, Stephanie Smith
Research Associate: Joy Le
Printed in Hong Kong by Asia Pacific Offset, Inc.

Summarization of Content

"Between Past and Future: New Photography and Video from China" represents an unusual collaboration among four institutions, led by two talented curators.

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the David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, International Center of Photography , 2004

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ISBN 0-935-57339-9


224 pages 241 (28.4cm x 25.6cm x 1.9cm)

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text , still image : unmediated

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The physical publication is available for research purposes in the CFCCA search room by appointment. Items in our library collection are not available for external loans.

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Ai, Wei Wei, (b. 1957), artist (is related to)
Bai, Yiluo, 1968-, artist (is related to)
Chen, Lingyang, artist (is related to)
Chen, Shaoxiong, artist (is related to)
Cui, Xiuwen (1967-2018), artist (is related to)
Hong, Hao, artist (is related to)
Hu, Jieming, artist (is related to)
Sze Tsung Leong, artist (is related to)
Li, Tianyuan, artist (is related to)
Liu, Zheng, (b.1969), artist (is related to)
Luo, Yongjin, artist (has contributor)
Rong Rong, artist (has contributor)
Song, Dong, (b.1966), artist (has contributor)
Wang, Jianwei, artist (has contributor)
Wang, Jinsong, (b.1963), artist (has contributor)
Xing, Danwen, artist (has contributor)
Xiong Wenyun, artist (has contributor)
Yang. Fudong, artist (has contributor)
Yang, Yong, artist (has contributor)
Zhang, Dali, artist (has contributor)
Zheng, Guogu, artist (has contributor)
Zhuang, Hui, artist (has contributor)
An, Hong, artist (has contributor)
Cao, Fei, (b.1978), artist (has contributor)
Hong, Lei, artist (has contributor)
Lin, Tianmiao, artist (has contributor)
Liu, Jian, artist (has contributor)
Mo, Yi, artist (has contributor)
Sun, Yuan, artist (has contributor)
Wang, Jin, artist (has contributor)
Wang, Qingsong, artist (has contributor)
Yang, Zhenzhong, artist (has contributor)
Yin, Xiuzhen, Artist (is related to)
Zhang Huan, artist (is related to)
Zhao, Bandi, artist (is related to)
Zhao, Liang, artist (is related to)
Zhu, Ming, artist (is related to)
Feng, Feng, artist (is related to)
Gu, Dexin, artist (is related to)
Huang, Yan, artist (is related to)
Jiang, Zhi, artist (is related to)
Li, Wei, (b.1970), artist (is related to)
Qiu, Zhijie, artist (is related to)
Wang, Gongxin, artist (is related to)
Wang, Wei, artist (is related to)
Xu, Zhen, artist (is related to)
Zhou, Xiaohu, artist (is related to)
Cang, Xin,(b.1967), artist (is related to)
Feng, Mengbo, artist (is related to)
Gao Brothers (is related to)
Hai, Bo, (b.1962), artist (is related to)
Ma, Liuming, artist (is related to)
Miao, Xiaochun, artist (is related to)
Sheng, Qi, artist (has contributor)
Sui, Jiangguo, artist (has contributor)
Yu Fan, artist (has contributor)
Zhan, Wang, artist (has contributor)
Wang Youshen, artist (has contributor)
Weng, Fen, artist (has contributor)
Zhao, Shaoruo, artist (has contributor)
International Center of Photography (ICP) (has publisher)
David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art, (1974-) (has publisher)
Liu, Wei, (b.1972), artist (has or had subject)
Zhao, Qin (has contributor)

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United States of America (the) ()

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exhibition catalogues (has form of work)
text (has content type)
still images (has content type)
English (has or had language)
Latin (has script)
polychrome (has colour content)
Photographs (has illustrative content)
unmediated (has representation type)
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