S2.103 : Community of Tastes: The inaugural exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art / Zuo Jing, Carol Yinghua Lu, Zhang Yaxuan (eds.) / Beijing : Iberia Center for Contemporary Art : 2008

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Community of Tastes: The inaugural exhibition of Iberia Center for Contemporary Art = 趣味的共同體: 伊比利亞當代藝術中心開幕展 / Curators: Zuo Jing, Carol Yinghua Lu; Producer: Gao Ping; Editors: Zuo Jing, Carol Yinghua Lu, Zhang Yaxuan; Executive editors: Bao Dong, Sun Dongdong; Graphic Design: Huang Lihui, Cheng Xiaojun, Su Wenxiang, Zhang Xiaoyong

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Exhibition catalogue for the group show: Community of Tastes, curated by Zuo Jing and Carol Yinghua Lu, held at the Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, in 2008. The show was the inaugural exhibition at the Centre. Includes artists biographies. 

The exhibition attempted to present a rich spectacle of multiple tastes in coexistence through the works and thoughts of artists from different backgrounds, time periods and directions of practice.

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Beijing China; Madrid, Spain : Iberia Center for Contemporary Art; International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC) of Spain , 2008


261 pages (28.5cm x 28.5cm x 3cm)

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Cao, Fei, (b.1978), artist (is related to)
Jiang Zhi, artist (is related to)
Liang, Jingyu, artist (is related to)
Liu Ding, (b.1976), artist (is related to)
Ou Ning, artist (is related to)
Qiu, Zhijie, (b.1969), artist (is related to)
Song, Dong, (b.1966), artist (is related to)
Wang Jianwei, (b.1958), artist (is related to)
Wang Luyan, (b.1956), artist (is related to)
Wang Wei, (b.1972), artist (is related to)
Wang Xingwei, (b.1969), artist (is related to)
Xu Zhen, (b.1977), artist (is related to)
Yan, Lei, artist (is related to)
Yang Fudong, (b.1971), artist (is related to)
Zhao Bandi, (b.1963), artist (is related to)
Zhou Tiehai, (b.1966) artist (is related to)
Zhu Jinshi, artist (is related to)
Du Haibin, artist (is related to)
Feng Yan, artist (is related to)
Ji Dan, artist (is related to)
Li Yifan, artist (is related to)
Mao Chenyu, artist (is related to)
Wang Bing, artist (is related to)
Meys, Olivier, artist (is related to)
de la Jara, Jaime, artist (is related to)
Bennassar, Joan, artist (is related to)
Gomila, Juan, artist (is related to)
Ballester, Jose Manuel, artist (is related to)
Munoz, Isabel, artist (is related to)
Ouka, Leele, artist (is related to)
Posada, Paco Pepe, artist (is related to)
Caprile, Pasquale, artist (is related to)
Davila, Ricky, artist (is related to)
Kahle, Xana, artist (is related to)
International Art & Culture Foundation (IAC) (has publisher)
Iberia Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (has publisher)
Liu, Wei, (b.1972), artist (has or had subject)
Zhang Yaxuan, artists (has contributor)
Xia Jifeng (has contributor)
Zuo, Jing, curator (has contributor)
Lu, Carol Yinghua, artist & curator (has contributor)
Merewether, Charles, curator (has contributor)
Hou, Hanru, curator, critic (has contributor)
Wang Yaxian (has contributor)
Errante, Margherita (has contributor)
Pi Li (has contributor)
Lei Ray (has contributor)
Gao, Shiming, artist (has contributor)
Leng, Lin (has contributor)
Huang, Du, curator (has contributor)
Colonnello, Nataline (has contributor)
Jin Feng, (b. 1962), artist (has contributor)

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