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"Asian Art In London", 2015, England (S1.298)

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Asian Art in London
5 - 14 November 2015 / Directors: Gregg Baker, Robert Bradlow, Christophe Hioco, Asaph Hyman, Conor Macklin, Jacqueline Simcox, Antonia Tozer, Floris van der Ven, Leila de Vos van Steenwijk
Associate Directors: Daniel Eskenazi, Alastair Gibson, Roger Keverne


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"Asian Art in London" is an annual event which unites leading Asian art dealers, major auction houses and societies in a series of gallery selling exhibitions, auctions, receptions, lectures and seminars. These are complemented by exhibitions at the leading museums.

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116 pages 104 photographs

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text , still image

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Han (Simplified variant) (has script) Latin (has script)

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Eskenazi, Giuseppe (has contributor)
Rousmaniere, Nicole (has contributor)
Wang, Tao (has contributor)
Dalrymple, William (is associated with)
Hall, Alvin (is associated with)
Woodblock, Edo, artist (is associated with)
Dathe, Matthias, Jeweller artist (has contributor)
Jared Fitzgerald, artist (has contributor)
Tim Clark (has contributor)
Helen Glaister (has contributor)
Richard Blurton (has contributor)
Paul Harris (has contributor)
Jacqueline Simcox (is associated with)
Tetsuro Degawa (is associated with)
Craig Clunas (is associated with)
Jasleen Kandhari (is associated with)
Sarah Handler (is associated with)
Ming Wilson (is associated with)
Sarah Brayer (has contributor)
Rosalie Kim (has contributor)
Stephan Loewentheil (has contributor)
Olivier Bobin (has contributor)
Aguerre, Anaïs, curator (has contributor)
Cormier, Brendan, curator (has contributor)
Michael Wheeler (has contributor)
John Clarke (has contributor)
Jason Singh (has contributor)
Giuliano Modarelli (has contributor)
Yael R. Rice (has contributor)
Mary Ginsberg (has contributor)
Lockyer, Angus, scholar (has contributor)
Monika Zin (has contributor)
Qu, Lei Lei (has contributor)
Ma, Desheng, artist (has contributor)
Eleanor S. Hyun (has contributor)
Hyelim Kim (has contributor)
Colin Sheaf (is associated with)
Yupin Chung (is associated with)
Gao, Xingjian, artist (is associated with)
Jiang Shan Chun, artist (is associated with)
Raquelle Azran, artist (is associated with)
David Baker, artist (is associated with)
Gregg Baker, artist (is associated with)
Rosemary Bandini, artist (is associated with)
Jan van Beers, artist (is associated with)
Joost van den Bergh, artist (is associated with)
Prahlad Bubbar (is associated with)
Rob Dean, artist (is associated with)
Wong, Sara, artist (is associated with)
Chen Dapeng, artist (is associated with)
Christophe Hioco, artist (is associated with)
Janssens, Ben, art director (is associated with)
Simon Piling, artist (is associated with)
Nicolas Pitcher, artist (is associated with)
David Priestley (has contributor)
Simon Ray, artist (has contributor)
Guus Roell, artist (has contributor)
Elena Shcukina, artist (has contributor)
Runjeet Singh, artist (has contributor)
Rei Morimura, artist (has contributor)
Jonathan Tucker, artist (has contributor)
Tozer, Antonia, Curator (has contributor)
Floris van der Ven, artist (has contributor)
Jorge Welsh, artist (has contributor)
Dickson Yewn, jeweller (has contributor)

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London (is associated with)

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programmes (documents) (has form of work)
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