Chart, (1995-1999)

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1995 (has beginning date)
1999 (was end date)


In 1995 the North West Arts Board (NWAB)  initiated  the North West Chinese Artist Network (Chart) with the help of the Chinese Arts Centre. The group held regular meetings to share ideas. The network was created as a way for artists of Chinese heritage based in north west England to gain support and recognition, while forming links with mainstream arts organisations. 

In August 1996, the network decided to become an independent organisation with links to both the Centre and the NWAB. From September 1997, the Network would operate from the Centre but was managed by a freelance coordinator, Kwong Lee. Its main objective was to develop long term recognition of artists of Chinese heritage and their work. 

Chart adopted a training development strategy for artist of Chinese heritage to complement work of existing agencies such as the Chinese Arts Centre and the British Chinese Artists Association (BCAA). with funding from the Centre and the NWAB, the Network developed training
opportunities for artists and also gave out bursaries to artists to attending training elsewhere. 

Although it had been successful in its activities, the Network came to an end in 1999. Kwong Lee later stated that it had become too difficult to manage as he was only contracted to work half a day on the project and 
many members had moved out of the area or had different priorities. The role of the network passed to the Chinese Arts Centre with its artists database. 


Lee, K, (2016), 'Journey's West', in 30 Years of the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art  (CFCCA: United Kingdom), pp137-148. 

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