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1963 (was birth date of)


An Hong is a photographer and performance artist born in China.

He graduated the Central Academy of Art and Design at Beijing in 1985. In the mid 1980s he was one of number of artists in China who began to explore contemporary possiblities of ink painting. He developed his own style of painting using a minimalist approach using wide brush strokes, a range of homogenous growths and quadangles within the traditional format of hanging scrolls. 

In 1992 he moved to Finland to become the lecturer of Chinese calligraphy at the Helsinki Art Academy. During this period he turned to oil painting  using large canvases covered with life-sized nude male figures. The paintings were hung as installations, draped with flowers and lights. 

In 1994 he returned to China and began to move into the medium of photography. In 1996 he created his Buddha series, using elements from Peking Opera, traditional myths and fairy tales. In 1997 he created his Jingang series, performances based upon the male figures which stood at the entrance of Chinese temples, mixing Chinese and Indian mythology. 

In 1997 the artist visited the UK. He performed 'medical cure' at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, where he performed naked and "treating" the ails of willing members of the public using the forces of qi gong. In 1998, 'The Desires of the Golden Lotus' at the Chinese Art Centre brought together the artist works which involved performances by the artist looking at Chinese Medicine and an performance entitled 'Golden Aphrodisiac Soup'. 





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