North West Arts Board, (1992-2002)

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1992 (has beginning date)
2002 (was end date)


The North West Arts Board (NWAB) was the regional arts board (RAB) for North West England. It was the core funder of the Chinese Arts Centre and funded most of the Centre's projects between 1992-2002. 

The NWAB was formed around 1992 after the merger of North West Arts and the Merseyside Arts Association. The Board was responsible for supporting the arts in north west England, and the majority of its funding came from the Arts Council of Great Britain (ACGB).In 1994, after the abolition of the ACGB, NWAB came under the authority of the Arts Council of England.

In 2002, the NWAB and the other English RABs were merged with the Arts Council of England to form a new body, Arts Council England (ACE). ACE would briefly continue to maintain a small office (ACE NW) to manage the activities of the Board. 


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