The Bluecoat, (1959-)

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1717 (has beginning date)


The Bluecoat is a contemporary art centre in Liverpool, UK. It has held a range of cultural and arts-associated events and exhibitions. It also provides a base for various artists, art collectives and art organisations. 

The building was originally opened in 1716/7 as the Bluecoat Chambers charity school. From 1907 the building was rented by the  Sandon Studio Society after the school moved to a new site. Due to proposals to demolish the building, a charitable trust, the Bluecoats Arts Society, was formed in 1927 to purchase the building and open it as a arts centre. The Bluecoats Display Centre, a contemporary art gallery, was later opened in 1959. From the 1980s, the contemporary gallery was known as the Bluecoats Arts Centre. In 2005 the building was restored and a new wing was opened to mark Liverpool year as the European Capital of Culture in 2008. It operated as The Bluecoat from 2007. In 2017 the building celebrated its 300th anniversary. 

The Centre has arranged various events in collaboration with the Bluecoat including Pieces of China (2004) and China Live (2005). 



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