Wang, Chuyu, (b.1974), artist

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1974 (was birth date of)


Wang Chuyu (王楚渝) is a contemporary artist who was born in China in 1974. He is an performance artist, writer, painter and curator. He was also the co-curator of the DaDao Live Art Festival, Beijing. 

His works are informed by his life experiences and changing social political contexts. His performances often express the tensions and conflicts between Chinese society in an era of globalisation and his own emotional responses. 

In 2004, the Chinese Arts Centre supported his visit to the UK, which was associated with the residency of Shu Yang. During the visit he performed Speak English (2004) at Pieces of China, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool (2004 Nov 07) and Beijing Works: New Performance from China, Holden Gallery, Manchester (2004 Nov 12). In 2005 he toured venues in the UK with his performance Material Files of Sino-British Cooperation as part of the China Live tour organised by the Centre and the Live Art Development Agency. 




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