Chinese View Arts Association, 1987-2000

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1987 Jun 04 (has beginning date)
2000 Sep 20 (was end date)


In the mid-1980s, Amy Lai, a Manchester based artist and radio producer, wanted to reconnect the local Chinese community with traditional Chinese arts and crafts while raising awareness of Chinese culture in the region. She initially planned to hold an evening of traditional music at the Royal Northern College of Music in 1986, but this quickly developed into a two week festival,  Chinese View '86, held at venues across Manchester. 

Due to the success of the festival, Lai and a group of others associated with the festival saw there was a need for an arts organisation focusing on Chinese culture. The Chinese View Arts Association (CVAA) was incorporated on  4th June 1987. The founding members included Lai, Peter Chui; David Ng Wong; and Jennifer Clegg. The aim of the organisation was “to advance the education of the public in all forms of Chinese culture.” The organisation would achieve this by organising and promoting Chinese cultural events, and providing a bridge between local organisations and Chinese arts and cultural groups.

In 1989, the CVAA was able to secure funding to open a new arts and community centre, The Chinese Arts Centre, at 36 Charlotte Street, in the heart of Manchester's China Town. The Centre aimed to aim to reconnect the younger generation of Chinese people in Manchester with traditional Chinese arts and crafts and well as advance the education of the general public, though exhibitions, workshops and other events. 

The CVAA continued to offer its activities through the Centre. It remained the operating company of the Centre until 4th June 2000, when the company name was officially changed to The Chinese Arts Centre Ltd. 


charitable organisation


charitable organisation

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