Yang, Zhichao, artist

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1963 (was birth date of)


Yang Zhichao (b.1963) is a is a multi-disciplinary artist from China. His practice examines the nature of the relationship between human bodies and the world around us.

Yang Zhichao graduated from Northwest Normal University in 1987. In 1998 he moved to Beijing where he became more aware of the impact of globalisation and its affect on the body. He used his performances to raise social issues, especially how our bodies increasingly belong more to society and state than ourselves in the age of science and technology. His early performances featured painful acts, including surgical procedures without the use of anaesthetic. His more recent works explore the same themes but feature less self-punishment. 

He has exhibited his performances mostly at venues in east Asia, but has also been involved in shows in UK, Germany, and Australia. 

In 2005, he performed his work Chinese Red during the China Live tour organised by the Chinese Arts Centre and the Live Art Development Agency. He was also programmed to take part in the Vital 07 festival arranged by the Centre, but he was unable to attend the festival.




Chinese (nationality)


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