He, Yunchang, (b. 1967), artist

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1967 (was birth date of)


He Yunchang (何云昌)  is a Chinese artist best known for his performance work which have tested the artist’s strength and endurance.

He was born in Kunming, Yunnan province, China in 1967. He graduated with a degree in oil painting from the  Yunnan Art Institute in 1991. In 1998 he moved to Beijing where he began to develop conceptual performances. 

Often contrasting the natural world with the body's limits, his performances examine the contrast between traditional and contemporary Chinese values on the body: traditional culture placing their values on the spirit of the people as a collective, whereas contemporary culture holds individualistic values of oneself.

He has participated in exhibitions in China and around the world.  He is the recipient of International Exchange Award of the Macao Museum of Art (2006) and the First Yan Wenliang Art Award (2011). He Yuchang's works are held in various collections including the National Art Museum of China; Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan; Queensland Art Gallery, Australia; Centre Georges Pompidou, France; White Rabbit Gallery, Australia; Macao Museum of Art; and in the private collections of Uli Sigg and Jin Hongwei.

Videos of his works were shown during the China Live tour in 2005 and he one of the participants at the Vital 06 festival at the Chinese Art Centre. 




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