Cheung, Gordon, (b. 1975), artist

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1975 (was birth date of)


Gordon Cheung is of Hong Kong origin and born in London 1975 where he lives and works. Cheung’s multi-media art capture the hallucinations between the virtual and actual realities of a globalised world oscillating between Utopia and Dystopia. Spray paint, oil, acrylic, pastels, stock listings and ink collide in his works to form epic techno-sublime vistas.

Cheung graduated from the Royal College of Art, 2001 exhibits internationally and was in the largest and most ambitious survey of recent developments in art from the UK; The British Art Show 6 and The John Moores Painting 24. Solo shows include 'The Promised Land', Jack Shainman Gallery, New York and 'The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse', The New Art Gallery Walsall UK. Cheung's first US solo museum exhibition was at the Arizona State University Art Museum in 2010. Cheung's works are in international collections including the Hirshhorn Museum, Whitworth Museum, ASU Art Museum, The New Art Gallery Walsall, Knoxville Art Museum, Hiscox Collection, Progressive Arts Collection, UBS Collection and the Gottesman Collection.

Gordon Cheung’s relationship with CFCCA began in 2004 when he was our second Breathe resident artist. He held a solo exhibition Death by a Thousand Cuts at the gallery in 2008 and participated in the group exhibitions Negotiable Values (2010) and Arrivals and Departures (2011). Gordon was a member of the CFCCA board and was employed as a Talent Scout on the Professional Artists Development (PAD) scheme, 2005-2008. 


artist , artist


British , Hong Kong


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