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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (1989-) (is accumulator of)


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Scope and Content

Contents of the 'Photo server', a filing system managed by marketing and communication role at the Centre until 2017. Contains images of events at the Centre and other images created for marketing purposes. Arranged by function. 


The photo server appears to have originally been created around 2014 from back-ups of photos found within the filing systems of the Centre. The original arrangement of the files is unknown. 

Files dating from before 2008, seem to be mostly marketing images which would have been managed by the Marketing Manager. These include web images for publicity purposes, many of which are held elsewhere in our collection. 

From 2009, it is believed that the images were managed by the IT and Communications Coordinator, who also may have been the creator of most of the images held on the server. From this date the server contains images of all events at the Centre. 

Under the Chinese Arts Centre, most of the images on the server were created by members of staff. After the Centre changed name in 2013, the images on the server are largely created by external photographers. It is believe it was around this point that all the images were consolidated into the photo server. The server was still in active use until 2017. 

Initial appraisal began in 2019 to remove images not associated with the Centre and duplicates of images held elsewhere. Images by artists which were sent to the Centre for publicity purposes were also removed. Further weeding occurred to remove images which contained duplicate information. 

In 2021 the server was officially accessioned, but would only be processed by the archive a section at a time and when images were no longer required for business purposes. The first materials transferred were related to the Centre's residency programme between 2003-2009. 

Management and Use

Conditions of Access

Access to the records are currently restricted while they are processed. Records containing personal data are closed to researchers under the Data Protection Act (2018). Accessible surrogates of the records are available to researchers for private non-commercial use in the CFCCA Library by appointment.

Conditions of Use

Records which are the copyright of the Centre are available for non-commercial private research until restricted under other UK legislation.

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (1989-) (is accumulator of)

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The record set was initially created in 2021 as part of the as part of the 'Multicultural Heritage at the Crossroad: Organisational Resilience, Institutional Archive and Multicultural Voices' project with support from London Metropolitan University.

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