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Arts Co (was located at)
Tischler-Wood, Alma, artist (is located at)
Cheung, Lisa, artist, b.1960 (is located at)
Xi, Jian Jun, (b. 1962), artist (was located at)
Alan Cristea Gallery, (1995-) (is located at)
Alexia Goethe Gallery (is located at)
Andersen M Studio (is located at)
Autograph, (1988-) (is located at)
Key, Anthony, (b. 1949), artist (is located at)
lok, susan pui san, artist, researcher, writer (is located at)
Abts, Tomma, Artist (is located at)
Allen, Philip, artist (is associated with)
Bbrother (had birth place)
Beard, Francesca, (b.1968), artist (had birth place)
Beata, Veszely, (b.1970), artist (had birth place)
Beban, Breda, (b.1952), Artist (had birth place)
Beech, Dave, artist (had birth place)
Wood, Benjamin, (b.1981), writer (had birth place)
Baring Foundation, (1969-) (is located at)
BARBAR, designers, (1999-) (is located at)
Beaconsfield Contemporary Art, (1994-) (is located at)
Lei, Siu Chong Bianca, artist (had birth place)
Bexley Council (is associated with)
Bosc, Alice, graphic designer (had birth place)
Big Issue (1991-) (is associated with)
Choi, Yuk-kuen Bouie, (b.1987), artist (had birth place)
Ingram, Bruce, (b.1981), artist (had birth place)
Schwartz, Buky, (1932-2009), artist (had birth place)
Candlin, Fiona (Portfolio) (had birth place)
Canellas, Camilla (had birth place)
Yass, Catherine, (b.1963), artist (had birth place)
Champion, James, photographer (had birth place)
Chang, Ting Tong, (b.1982), artist (had birth place)
British Library (1973-) (is located at)
The British Museum (is located at)
The Bull Theatre, (1975-) (is located at)
Birch, Charlie, (b.1977), artist (had birth place)
Kenny, Chris, artist (had birth place)
Blandy, David, artist (had birth place)
Camrass, Louise, artist (had birth place)
Kiaer, Ian, artist (had birth place)
Laessing, Nick, artist (had birth place)
Walker, Julian, artist (had birth place)
Film and Video Umbrella (FVU) (is located at)
Hua Gallery, (2011-) (is located at)
Chelsea Space, (2005-) (is located at)
Muban Foundation, (1997-2009) (was located at)
Bankside Gallery (1980-) (is located at)
Institute of International Visual Arts (iniva), (1994-) (is located at)
Hales Gallery, (1992-) (is located at)
South London Gallery, (1891-) (is located at)
The Glue Factory, Balham (was located at)
Barbican Centre, (1982-) (is located at)
Anthony Reynolds Gallery, (1985-) (is located at)
Whitechapel Art Gallery, (1901-) (is located at)
National Portrait Gallery, London, (1856-) (is located at)
Victoria and Albert Museum, (1852-) (is located at)
The Red Mansion Foundation, (1999-) (is located at)
Boundary Gallery (is located at)

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