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Professional Artist Development (PAD) scheme, (2005-2008)

Type: Artist Development



2005 (has start date) ; 2008 (has end date)


The PAD Scheme was a programme managed by the Chinese Arts Centre, supported by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.

The aim of the scheme was to provide emerging UK based artist of Chinese heritage, working across all art forms, with a programme of professional development to strengthen their artistic practice and career. The scheme offered artists career advice, artist surgeries, portfolio sessions, mentoring, advice on writing fundraising applications, putting together proposals, marketing and selling artwork, and exhibiting national and internationally.

To recruit the artist, the Centre using traditional marketing and Talent Scouts, established artists and curators who were recruited to find suitable artist for the scheme. The artist were recruited in 3 round: the first in Feb 2006, second in Jun 2006, and the third round in June 2007.

Related People and Organisations

Gillman, Clive, (b.1960), artist and arts director (is associated with event)
Chinese Arts Centre, 1989-2013 (organised)
Liu, Lushan, artist (participated in)
Hao, Yadong (Sophia), artist (participated in)
Hee, Chee, artist (participated in)
Cheng, Li-sheng, artist (participated in)
Emmett, Jessica, artist (participated in)
Hoo, Stephen, artist (participated in)
Hu, Yu-Ying (Wanda), artist (participated in)
Lam, Jennifer, artist (participated in)
Lam, Lisa, artist (participated in)
Hagger, Louise, artist (participated in)
Ho, Jason, artist (participated in)
Lee, Vivien Chia-Wen, artist (participated in)
Lee, Man Yee (participated in)
Lue-shing, Edwin, artist (participated in)
Meadley, Fiona Kam, artist (participated in)
Preston, Yan, artist (participated in)
Wong, Ray, artist (participated in)
Yung, Jay (Kai-Oi Joyce), artist (participated in)
Tsang, Jessica, artist (participated in)
Fan, Brendan, artist (participated in)
Au, So-Mei, artist (participated in)
Cheung, Huiwen, artist (participated in)
Hy, Danh (participated in)
Leung, Chek-Huo, artist (participated in)
Ling, Wessie, Artist (participated in)
Marsden, Sarah Lin, Artist (participated in)
Sun, Xiaoxiao, Artist (participated in)
Ting, Mediha, Artist (participated in)
Berry, Hui Xu Anny, artist (participated in)
Chan, Wai Yan, Artist (participated in)
Lee, Deena, Artist (participated in)
Liu, Angela Mae-Ling, Artist (participated in)
Tan, Chooc Ly, Artist (participated in)
Wan, Kim, Artist (participated in)
Weng, Fung Man, Artist (participated in)
Wen, Wu, b. 1978, artist (participated in)
Lee, Chiu Kim, artist (participated in)
Chen, Li-E, artist (participated in)
The Esmée Fairbairn Foundation (funded)

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