➔ Book launch: "Brushstrokes, Yellow Dandelions"

Book launch: "Brushstrokes, Yellow Dandelions"

Type: Engagement Activity



1994 Feb 8 (has start date)


Launch of the first collection of writing by British Chinese in the North West held at the Chinese Arts Centre. Organised by Toxteh Chinese Library Service. Featured performances of poetry by the writers.

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Related People and Organisations

Toxteh Chinese Library Service (organised)
Chinese Arts Centre, 1989-2013 (Held)
Tong, Joanna, Director of the Chinese Arts Centre (participated in)
Lee, Kwong, art director (participated in)
Tang, Lin, artist (participated in)
Seatwo, Alan, Knowledge Management Specialist (participated in)
Wong, Kevin, Chair of Chinese Art Centre (participated in)
King Fun Lee (participated in)
chan, Mei-Chi (participated in)
Yuen, Kit Kuk (Maria) (participated in)
Ng, Donna, (b.1970) (participated in)
Kwan, Tai Lai (participated in)
Tong, Mark, (b.1970) (participated in)
Wong, Brenda (participated in)

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Manchester (is associated with)

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