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08 Dec 2006 (was creation date of); 30 Jan 2007 (was last modification date)


Chinese Arts Centre, 1989-2013 (has creator)

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Press release for the CAC's diary dates & listings, January-April 2007. 

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Chinese Arts Centre, 1989-2013 (has creator)
Jiang, Jiehong (Joshua), artist and researcher (has subject)
Hu, Jieming, artist (has subject)
Liu, Dahong, artist (has subject)
Miao, Xiaochun, artist (has subject)
Qiu, Zhijie, artist (has subject)
Shao, Yinong, (b. 1961), artist (has subject)
Chen, Mu, (b.1970), artist (has subject)
Wang, Chuan, artist (has subject)
Wang, Jinsong, artist (has subject)
Wu, Yiming, artist (has subject)
Preston, Yan, artist (has subject)
Cham, Amy, (b. 1980), artist (has subject)
Hsiung, I-Kai (has subject)
Tam, Karen, artist (has subject)
Ma, Yong Feng, artist (has subject)
Tsang, Jessica, artist (has subject)
Vines, Ian, artist (has subject)
He, ChengYao, artist (has subject)
Wang, Annie Hsiao-Ching, artist (has subject)

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Manchester (has as subject)

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