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Booklet 'CFCCA Exhibitions and events July-December 2017' (GB3451/OC/M/2/4/6)

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OC/M/2/4/6 (local reference number)

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2017 (was creation date of)

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CFCCA programme for July-December 2017

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Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), (2013-) (has creator)
Au, Hoi Lam, artist (has subject)
Ko Sin Tung, artist (has subject)
Kong, Chun Hei, artist (has subject)
Lai, Sarah, artist (has subject)
Leung, Ocean, (b.1983), artist (has subject)
Tang, Kwok-hin, artist (has subject)
Yeung, Trevor, artist (has subject)
Young, Samson, artist (has subject)
MAP office, (1996-) (has subject)
Pau, Ellen, artist (has subject)
Lin Ke, artist (has subject)
Ploeger, Dani (has subject)
Unknown Fields (has subject)
Yang Yongliang, artist (has subject)
Brown, Kelvin, artist (has subject)
Wu, Semay, artist (has subject)
Wang, Tzu-Ting, artist (has subject)

Related Events

Exhibition: 'From Ocean to Horizon', various artists, 2017 Jul 7 - 2017 Oct 29 (has subject)
Workshop 'Waxing Lyrical: wax resist fabric workshop', Joe Ford, 2017 Jul 22 (has subject)
Exhibition: 'One of two stories, or both (Field Bagatelles)', Samson Young, 2017 Jul 7 - 2017 Oct 29 (has subject)
Performance: 'One of Two Stories or both (Field Bagatelles)' 2017 Jun 30 - 2017 Jul 4 (has subject)
Film focus: 'Translation(s) III; Bodies in Transit' 2017 Jul 27 (has subject)
Workshop: 'Family story-writing workshop with the Short Story Lady', Carol Ferro, 2017 Aug 26 (has subject)
Workshop: 'One of two: A Game of consequences', 2017 Aug 27 (has subject)
Residency: 'Ode to Red Cliffs - from Wuhan to Manchester', Kelvin Brown, 2017 Aug 31 - 2017 Oct 01 (has subject)
Workshop: 'The Art of Story; creative writing workshop', Sarah Schofield, 2017 Aug 31 (has subject)
Workshop: 'Tea Total', Tea Mandala, 2017 Sep 24 (has subject)
Performance: 'Words/Music (Obfuscation by Numbers)' Kelvin Brown & Semay Wu, 2019 Sep 28 (has subject)
Talk: 'Rare Book Club: London Metropolitan Archive', Sally Bevan, 2017 Oct 12 (has subject)
Workshop: 'The Art and Craft of Foley', 2017 Oct 21 (has subject)
Workshop: 'Pirate Radio workshop with Radio Arts', 2017 Oct 22 (has subject)
Talk: 'A Window on...(re)imagining Youth in Hong Kong and Scotland', 2017 Oct 26 (has subject)
Exhibition: Digital Matters: earth behind the screen, various artists, 2017 Nov 3 - 2018 Feb 4 (has subject)
Conference: Digital Matters Symposium. 2017 Nov 17 (has subject)
Film Screening: Film Night Cao Fei's Haze & Fog, 2017 Nov 16 (has subject)
Film Screening: 'A window on...Rare Earths', 2017 November 30 (has subject)
Talk: 'Rare book Club: CFCCA Archives', 2017 Dec 07 (has subject)
Workshop: Wrapped Up: Print Workshop' 2017 Dec 2 (has subject)
Workshop: 'Tea Total', Tea Mandala, 2017 Dec 10 (has subject)

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