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Fragments From a Critical Dictionary of Southeast Asia / By Ho Tzu Nyen; Design: 3-ply, Toby Tam, and Biljana Ciric. 


Ho Tzu Nyen (b.1976), artist (has creator) , Biljana, Ciric, (b.1977), curator (has contributor)

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[1st edition]

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Paris, France : 3-ply & Kadist Art Foundation , 2016


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24 pages

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text , still image

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Fragments from a critical dictionary of Southeast Asia  collates extracts from HO Tzu Nyen 's open-ended research project which speculates about responses to the question 'What consititutes the unity of the region?' and proposes key concepts and histories, and mutating alphabetetised schemas, that resonate beyond boundries of nation states. The research project developed out of a residency undertaken by the artist at the Asia Art Archive in 2013. 

It was a contribution to the exhibition 'Habits and customs of ___ are so different from ours that we visit them with the same sentiment that we visit exhibitions'  held at the Kadist Foundation in 2006 and published as part of the exhibition catalogue. 

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The publication is accessible in the CFCCA Archive & Library searchroom by appointment.


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Ho Tzu Nyen (b.1976), artist (has creator)
Biljana, Ciric, (b.1977), curator (has contributor)
3-ply (has publisher)
Kadist Art Foundation, (2001-) (has publisher)

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