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Blu-ray 'Realm of Reverberations' (GB3451/DC/1/8)

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DC/1/13 (local reference number)

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2014 (was creation date of)


Chen, Chieh-jen, (b. 1960), artist (has creator)

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Physical and Logical Extent

1 Blu-ray (28.2 GB)

Content Extent

1hour 39mins 53secs

Content Type

two-dimensional moving image

Language Information

Latin (is language of) Han (Traditional variant) (is language of)

Scope and Content

Blu-ray disc containing a black and white Sing-Channel video installation 'Realm of Reverberations' by Chen Chieh-jen. 

The film-based project looks at the history of the Losheng sanatorium, an area in New Taipei City used to confine people with Hansen’s Disease (leprosy), the ongoing struggle to preserve the building by long term residents and the local population from redevelopment. The four-channel video features narratives related to the history of the sanatorium from old residents (tree planters), a young woman who accompanies sanatorium residents (Keeping Company), a hospice nurse who lived in Mainland China during the Cultural Revolution (The Suspended Room), and a fictional political prisoner who travels through Taiwanese history from the Japanese colonial period to the present (Tracing Forward). The characters discuss what they believe will be the inevitable outcome for the building as the artist re-narrates the history of the building, imagining new forms through which a ‘people’s history’ of the building might be told and examining an epic moment of contemporaneity.

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The video works are available to all freely available to all bona fide researchers to view within the Archive & Library search room.

Conditions on Use

The original videoworks are the copyright of Chen Chieh-jen. The videoworks are held by the Centre for viewing purposes only. Request for copies of the works will be referred to the copyright holder.


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computer disc

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Chen, Chieh-jen, (b. 1960), artist (has creator)

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Taiwan, Republic of China (has as subject)

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two-dimensional moving images (has content type)
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