Chen Chieh-jen Collection ➔ DVD 'Military Court and Prison: Exhibition copy'

DVD 'Military Court and Prison: Exhibition copy' (GB3451/DC/1/5)

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DC/1/5 (local reference number)

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2007-2008 (is coverage date of)


Chen, Chieh-jen, (b. 1960), artist (has creator)

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Physical and Logical Extent

1 DVD (3.63 GB)

Content Extent

1hour 1min 43secs

Content Type

two-dimensional moving image

Language Information

Chinese (is language of) English (is language of)

Scope and Content

DVD containing the colour single-channel video installation 'Military Court and Prison' by Chen Chieh-jen.

The work consists of two videos examining the artist's experiences of growing under the Kuomintang dictatorship in Taiwan and the years Martial Law (1947-1987). The first video looked at the artist's memories of growing up in Taipei near a prison which held political prisoners and the military court. The second video represents the official vision of the government regarding the years of the dictatorship and Martial Law in Taiwan. The work looks at the complex political, social and cultural factors that underlie Taiwanese society, tracing the places of artist's childhood and the memory of his country.

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The original videoworks are the copyright of Chen Chieh-jen. The videoworks are held by the Centre for viewing purposes only. Request for copies of the works will be referred to the copyright holder.

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The video works are available to all freely available to all bona fide researchers to view within the Archive & Library search room.


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computer disc

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Chen, Chieh-jen, (b. 1960), artist (has creator)

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Taiwan, Republic of China (has as subject)

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