Global Persistent Identifier


Local Identifier

OC/8/2/43/2 (local reference number)

Level of Description



2010/10/04-2010/11/29 (is coverage date of)


Wu, Chi-tsung, artist (has creator)


Physical and Logical Extent

1 CD

Content Extent

7.64MB 10 photographs

Content Type

dataset , text , still image

Language Information

English (is language of) Latin (is language of)

Scope and Content

1x unknown file: 'BREATHE Application by Wu Chi-tsung'

3x word documents:
 - 'How the residency will develop their practice'
 - 'Wu Chi_tsung's Biography'
 - 'wu_chi_tsung's_CV'

10x JPEG image files:
 - '2002 Rain Single-Channel Video'
 - '2003 Wire I installation'
 - '2003 Wire II installation' 
 - '2004 long time exposed landscape 20040210 Photography'
 - '2006 dust installation' 
 - '2007 Wire II installation' 
 - '2009 Crystal City 001 Wander installation'
 - '2009 Still Life 002 orchid  Single-Channel Video'
 - '2009 Wire IV installation' 

Management and Use


Media Type



computer disc

Encoding Format

jpeg , msword

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Wu, Chi-tsung, artist (has creator)

Related Terms

datasets (has content type)
texts (has content type)
still images (has content type)
English (is language of)
Latin (is language of)
computer discs (is medium of)
jpeg (has encoding format)
msword (has encoding format)
electronic (has media type)


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