Global Persistent Identifier


Local Identifier

OC/6/3/6/1 (local reference number); 2017/4 (58) (Former Number)

Level of Description



2004/12/03-2005/02/13 (is coverage date of)


Song, Dong, (b.1966), artist (has creator)


Physical and Logical Extent

1 CD

Content Extent

25 photographs ; 10 pictures

Content Type

still image

Scope and Content

7x folders: 

Breathing: 2x psd files
   - haqi- 1.psd
   - Tian An Men   and   Hou Hai Lake.psd

Cold boiling water: 2x psd files
   - detail ( screen ). psd
   - installation  1997.psd

fill sea: 1x psd files
   - fill sea  (part).psd

floating > 漂浮floating: 25x jpeg image files
   - 1
   - 2
   - 3
   - 4
   - 5
   - 6
   - 7
   - 8
   - 9
   - 10
   - floating  12 video projection installation plan 
   - MVC00041
   - MVC00042
   - MVC00043
   - MVC00044
   - MVC00045
   - MVC00046
   - MVC00047
   - MVC00048
   - MVC00049
   - MVC00050
   - MVC00051
   - MVC00052
   - MVC00053
   - MVC00054

picking up the moon from water: 1x psd files
   - big size 3 video still.psd

stamping the water: 2x psd files 
   - stamping the water 6 photographs.psd
   - stamping the water 36 photographs.psd

writing diary with water: 2x psd files
   - 4 photos.psd

Management and Use


Media Type



computer disc

Encoding Format

jpeg , Adobe Photoshop

Related Content

Related People and Organisations

Song, Dong, (b.1966), artist (has creator)

Related Terms

still images (has content type)
computer discs (is medium of)
jpeg (has encoding format)
Adobe Photoshop (has encoding format)
electronic (has media type)


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