Chan, Suki, (b.1977), artist

Born in Hong Kong and now based in London, Suki Chan is an artist who uses sound, moving images and light to examine the views perception of time and space.

The artist has a long connection with the Centre and first exhibited work at the Chinese Arts Centre in the 'Golden Emporium' group exhibition in 1999. In 2000 she was commission by the Centre under their 'New Commissions' programme to create a solo installation entitled 'Seeing: Out of time'. The work was exhibited a second time as part of the Centre's 'Gathering Momentum' exhibition in 2003. The Centre also part commission and exhibited her video installations 'Interval II' in 2008 and 'Lucida' in 2016. 

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GB3451/OC/6/2/17 : Exhibition Folder: Suki Chan: 'Seeing: Out of Time' exhibition (7 February - 21 April 2000) (created)
GB3451/OC/6/3/22 : Suki Chan: 'Interval II' exhibition (2008 October 10 - 2008 December 22) (was rights holder)
GB3451/OC/6/3/22 : Suki Chan: 'Interval II' exhibition (2008 October 10 - 2008 December 22) (created)
GB3451/OC/6/2/16 : Exhibition Folder: 'The Golden Emporium' (1999 Nov 20-1999 Dec 19) (is associated with)
GB3451/OC/6/2/31 : Various artists: 'Gathering Momentum' (2003 Jul 03 - 2003 Sep 26) (created)
GB3451/OC/9/2/6 : Folder 'PAD Scheme Launch March 2006' (is subject of)
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United Kingdom (is citizen of)
Hong Kong (had birth place)
Related Events
Exhibition: 'The Golden Emporium', various artists, 20 November - 18 December 1999 (Held)
Exhibition: 'Seeing: Out of Time', Suki Chan, 7 February - 21 April 2000 (participated in)
Exhibition: 'Gathering Momentum', various artists, 3 July - 26 September 2003 (Held)
Launch: 'PAD Scheme', various artists, 2 March 2006 (participated in)
Exhibition: 'Interval II', Suki Chan, 10 October - 22 December 2008 (Held)
'A Window On… Suki Chan’s Lucida', 2017 Feb 16 (participated in)
Exhibition: 'Lucida' and 'Lucida II', Suki Chan (2017 Jan 27 – 2017 Apr 30) (participated in)
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