Chen, Wenbo, artist

Artist Chen Wenbo (陈文波) is a Beijing based artist who had graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Art. He creates huge canvases of brightly coloured paintings, the themes of his works tending to be centred around consumerism and urbanisation. 

His works toured the UK as part of the 'Representing the People' organised by the Chinese Arts Centre.
Related Record Set
GB3451/OC/6/6/1 : 'Representing the People' Touring Exhibition (was rights holder)
Related places
China (mainland) (had birth place)
Beijing (is located at)
Related Events
Touring Exhibition: 'Representing the People', various artists, 30 January 1999 - 7 November 1999 (Held)
ATM14: 'Harmonious Society', various artists, 26 September - 23 November 2014 (Held)
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