Tang, Mary, artist

Mary Tang was a ink brush painting and calligraphy artist who was workshop leader at the Centre from the early 1990s until 2010. 

She was born Xue Yin Tang in Shanghai, China, and was taught calligraphy by her mother, Liang Wei Yan, a noted Chinese calligrapher. Mary trained as a teacher in Shanghai and spent 25 years teaching in China.In 1987, she moved to the UKand taught traditional Chinese Arts and Craft in schools, colleges and Universities.

Mary's first recorded involvement at the Centre was at the Castlfield Festival around 1992. For almost the next 20 years, Mary led workshops at the Centre teaching a variety of traditional Chinese arts and crafts including paper folding and calligraphy. In 2010, she exhibited her work at the Centre with fellow workshop leader, Cathy Wu, in the 'Infinite Strokes: Chinese Ink and Painting' exhibition. 
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Manchester (was located at)
Shanghai (had birth place)
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Exhibition: Mary Tang, 28 July - 14 September 1997 (participated in)
Exhibition: 'The Golden Emporium', various artists, 20 November - 18 December 1999 (Held)
Lantern Making workshop, 2000 Feb (participated in)
Exhibition: Chinese Origami (1992 Sep 26 - 1992 Dec 6) (Held)
Origami Educational workshop, 1992 Oct 26 (organised)
Origami Workshop (1995 Nov 12) (organised)
Origami Workshop (1995 Nov 26) (organised)
Calligraphy Workshop, Sep 1996 (organised)
Exhibition: 'Infinite Strokes: Chinese Ink and Painting', Mary Tang and Cathy Wu, 20 August - 18 September 2010 (Held)
OMI architects workshop, 2004 Dec 01 (facilitated)
Calligraphy workshop, 2004 Nov 25 (facilitated)
Chinese New Year Celebration, 2007 Feb 18 (facilitated)
Workshops 'Autumn Art', 2009 (facilitated)
'Drop-in' Arts Workshops (1996 Feb 25) (facilitated)
Workshops ''Children's Indoor Activity Week' 1997 Mar 24 - Mar 28 (facilitated)
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