Chen, Shaoxiong, artist

Beijing based artist, Chen Shaoxiong who works independantly and collectively in the artist collectives, 'Xijin Men' and 'Project without Space', he was also the co-founder of 'Big Tail Elephant Group' in the 1990s.
Chen works with all sorts of media but his practice has started to focus more on the use of ink and video. His works contain political agenda which is not explicitly expressed, and tend to be centred on the distortion of history.
He exhibited 'Contemporaneous' at the Chinese Arts Centre for the Asia Triennial Manchester 2008.
Related Record Set
GB3451/OC/6/3/20 : 'Contemporaneous', Chen Shaoxiong and Qiu Anxiong, (2008 April 5 - 2008 June 15) [ATM 08] (created)
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China (mainland) (had birth place)
Beijing (is located at)
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