He, Yun Chang, artist

Artist He Yunchang (何云昌) has a degree in Oil Painting from the Central Yunnan Art Institute, despite his background in painting, He is known for his performance based practice. His performances are instense and alarming in the way that he tests the limits of his body's strength and endurance. He states that his works plays around with the contrast between traditional and contemporary Chinese values on the body, with traditional culture placing their values on the spirit of the people as a collective, whereas contemporary culture holds individualistic values of oneself. 

The artist took part in the China Live and Vital 06 festivals at the Chinese Art Centre in 2005 and 2006. 
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China (mainland) (is located at)
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Festival: 'Vital Festival 06', various artists, 2 November - 5 November 2006 (Held)
'China Live' tour, various artists, 2005 Oct 13 - 2005 Oct 28 (is associated with event)
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