Atmadjaja, Angie, artist

Angie Atmadjaja is a sound artist currently working and living between Indonesia and Manchester. Her work centres on quiet, abstract, minimal audio/visual installations that explore psychoacoustic and acoustic phenomena. By articulating pure sound materials such as sinewaves and filtered noise, she creates works that place viewers in a realm of pure experience where sound is perceptually tangible.
In 2007, she was chosen as a shortlisted composer with Sound & Music. Currently researching at the University of York, she is working on minimal sound installations, influenced by artists such as James Turrell, Bridget Riley, Richard Serra and Fred Sandback.
Works to date have included visual and audio installations such as wall & colour (2006), states of being (2007), intrinsic (2008/09) and structure (2009). They explore extreme audio perception and its impact on the apprehension of forms and space.
In 2011 she exhibition two installations at the Centre, ‘Intrinsic’ and ‘Structure’ using sound and light. 
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Exhibition: 'Intrinsic', Angie Atmadjaja, 12 May - 11 June 2011 (Held)
Exhibition: 'Structure', Angie Atmadjaja, 1 July -23 July 2011 (Held)
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