Cham, Amy, (b. 1980), artist

Amy Cham is a British-Chinese artist who is based in the UK. Her work explores social relations, mainly expressed through the use of video. 

She studied for a BA (Hons) Film Studies at the Cumbria Institute of the Arts before studying MA Art as Environment at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She was the one of the Centre's first Whisper residence artists in 2004 and worked at the Centre as an education officer. She also exhibited her work in the collaboration exhibition 'Chain' at the Centre in 2007.
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GB3451/OC/6/3/16 : 'Chain' Various artists, (2007 April 13 - 2007 June 17) (created)
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United Kingdom (is located at)
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Whisper Residency: Amy Cham (2004 Sep 29 - Oct 11) (participated in)
Exhibition: 'Chain', various artists, 13 April - 17 June 2007 (Held)
'An Evening with Amy Cham', 2004 Oct 05 (participated in)
'Freefall: a way of practising', Amy Cham, (2004 Sep 13 - 2004 Sep 26) (participated in)
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