He, ChengYao, artist

He Chengyao (何成瑤) had graduated from Sichuan Fine Art University. Her practice explores the themes of nudity, memory, mental illness, and mother-daughter relationships, through the use of photography, video and performance, although her works have become more performance based over the years. 

Her work has been exhibited at the Centre in the 2007 'Chain' exhibition and the 2010 'Negotiable Value' exhibition. She also performed during the China Live (2005) and Vital Festivals (2006-2007) arranged by the Centre. 
Related Record Set
GB3451/OC/6/3/16 : 'Chain' Various artists, (2007 April 13 - 2007 June 17) (created)
Related place
China (mainland) (had birth place)
Related Events
Festival: 'Vital Festival 06', various artists, 2 November - 5 November 2006 (Held)
Exhibition: 'Chain', various artists, 13 April - 17 June 2007 (Held)
Touring Exhibition: 'Negotiable Values', various artists, 22 January - 3 April 2010 (Held)
Talk: 'Chain', He Chengyao, 2007 May 31 (facilitated)
'Vital 07- The Essence of Performance', 2007 Nov 20 - 2007 Nov 21 (participated in)
'China Live' tour, various artists, 2005 Oct 13 - 2005 Oct 28 (participated in)
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