National Portrait Gallery, London, (1856-)

Corporate Body
The National Portrait Gallery (NPG) is a national art gallery in London which shows and collections portraits of British people. is a non-departmental public body. 

In 2004 the NPG organised the 'Tooling up the Chinese Art Sector' seminar with the Centre. It also hosted the 'EAST scheme seminar (2006) and 'Cherish: Chinese Families in Britain' exhibition which were co-organised by the Centre. 
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London (is located at)
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'Tooling up the Chinese Arts Sector' Seminar, (2004 Sep 10) (organised)
'EAST scheme' seminar, 13 October 2006 (Held)
Exhibition: 'Cherish: Chinese Families in Britain', various artists, 23 September 2006 - 3 January 2007 (organised)
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