Cheung, Lisa, artist, b.1960

Lisa Cheung was born in Hong Kong (1969) and raised in Toronto, Canada; however she now lives in Granada, Spain and London, UK.

Cheung’s practice is concerned with creating communal spaces where interaction and exchange can take place. Taking inspiration from everyday activities or hobbies, she relocates these activities into public spaces such as parking lots, gardens or public parks. Drawing on themes such as order, colour and wonder touched upon in the Ulla Van Brandenberg exhibition, Cheung worked with Year Five Pupils from Osmani Primary School to create a mini vegetable patch in their school playground.

She graduated from Queen’s University, Kingston, Post Graduate Diploma of Arts, Goldsmiths College, London (1996-97) and Master of Arts, Goldsmiths College (1997-98). She has shown in the UK including her first solo show at Gasworks Gallery, London (2001), Chinese Arts Centre, Manchester (2000, 2003).

She has participated in group exhibitions at Spacex Gallery, Exeter (2004), Firstsite Gallery, Colchester (2005), Plymouth Museum and Art Gallery (2006, 2007), and A Foundation, Liverpool (2007), as well as internationally in Madrid, Israel, Seoul, and Toronto. She has participated in many artist-in-residency programmes including Camden Arts Centre (2002), Rio de Janeiro as part of the Triangle Arts Exchange (2003). She is currently a resident at Acme Firestation Studios (2005-2010). Lisa is interested in art as a social space, taking as her inspiration everyday life and people

Cheung first exhibited at the Chinese Art Centre with Emil Goh in the 'Grazing exhibition in 2000. She performed as part of the Vital 06 Festival in 2006 and took part in the Boutique exhibition in 2007. She was involved in several engagement projects, including 'hearth' (2000), tea cup decorating (2004), Kreative K-9s Kennel Club (2006). She also created the site specific chandelier artworks 'Charlotte Street' and 'Bliss for the Centre. 
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London (is located at)
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Exhibition: 'Grazing', Lisa Cheung and Emil Goh, (2000 October 20 - December 15) (participated in)
Exhibition: 'A New Year Installation', Lisa Cheung, 31 January - 11 April 2003 (Held)
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'Tooling up the Chinese Arts Sector' Seminar, (2004 Sep 10) (participated in)
Seminar: '"Plugged-in": Developing a Career in the Arts', various artists, 28 November 2005 (participated in)
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