Tan, Erika, artist, curator

Erika Tan has a Social Anthropology and Archaeology degree from Kings College, Cambridge, a Film Directing degree from The Beijing Film Academy, and has also received a MA in Fine Art from Central Saint Martins School of Art, London. Her work explores the use of different medias to provoke responses from the audience.

She exhibited  'Persistent Visions' at the Chinese Arts Centre in 2005 and later as part of the collaborative show  'Reassurance' in the same year.
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GB3451/OC/6/3/7 : Persistent Visions, Erika Tan, (2005 February 25 - 2005 April 24) (created)
GB3451/OC/6/3/9 : 'Reassurance', various artists, (2005 July 25 - 2005 October 02) (created)
GB3451/OC/6/7/2 : Folder 'New Moves: Chinese Arts Conference (1999 Dec 18) (is subject of)
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United Kingdom (is located at)
Singapore (had birth place)
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Conference: 'New Moves, Chinese Arts Conference', 18 December 1999 (participated in)
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Craft Fair: Links 96 (participated in)
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Exhibition: Links 96. Part One. (Held)
Exhibition: 'Persistent Visions', Erika Tan, 25 February - 24 April 2005 (participated in)
Exhibition: 'Reassurance', various artist, 29 July - 2 October 2005 (Held)
Event: 'Links 96', 1996 Sep-Oct (participated in)
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